B2B Corporates

Form1 is the trusted source of breakthrough technology for global corporates

How we support you

The tech and AI boom has created a lot of hype. Businesses have never faced so much competition. It is hard to stay relevant, differentiated and to win business on value.

We help you partner effectively with the best emerging technology solutions and proven technologies in the world to drive growth.

Differentiate, create new propositions and revenue streams

Boost client retention and revenue through strategic upselling

Enhance your competitive edge and win more tenders

Leverage the brand and social value of working with small businesses

Solve your big internal back-office challenges

Minimize M&A risk by validating synergies pre-acquisition

Validated technology solutions you can trust

Most consultancies are technology or vendor agnostic, we’re not. In our experience, the best results come from deep, trusted relationships.

We’re highly selective and work exclusively with high growth tech scale-ups that are the best in the world at what they do.

We work closely with leading VC firms and dedicate a significant effort to get under the skin of scale-up firms, including referencing clients, and independent assessments from our expert advisors.

Our services

Form1 provides two primary service offerings for corporate partners:

Core platform sponsor

We work with you to understand your capability needs, gaps in your propositions and areas of demand from your customers.

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White label corporate venturing and joint ventures

We leverage our deep heritage in forming strategic partnerships and running corporate venturing businesses to:

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Our technology focus

We focus on the big issues for enterprise, the ones on the board agenda of just about every organisation in the world right now

AI & automation of business processes

The skills gap and future of work

Managing cyber security and supply risks

Achieving sustainability and net zero

Creating amazing customer experiences

Delivering defence and national security

See how our partners are solving challenges and delivering value for clients in these areas

Unlocking Competitive Advantage