Trusted Partnerships that Drive VC Portfolio Growth

Form1 has strong partnerships with several VC firms. Signing new customers and strategic partners is critical for early-stage companies to scale. We help VC portfolio companies to swiftly access new corporate and government clients, growing revenue and valuation.

We also help VCs to connect with funding opportunities from within our strong network of scale-ups.

Requirements of scale-up partners

We must have conviction that the scale-ups on our platform are the best at what they do. For our scale-up partners, we look for:

High growth B2B or B2G business

Strong, differentiated proposition and near/achieved product-market-fit

Generate at least £1m in license fees or recurring revenue

Multiple evangelical and referenceable enterprise clients

Clear client business case

Comfortable cash runway

First-class management team with great partnering behaviours

If you have an existing portfolio or are targeting scale-ups that meet these criteria please get it touch, we’d love to talk

Unlocking Competitive Advantage