New go-to-market offering using AI


A leading global professional certification provider, had a problem – courses delivered were one-size fits-all and not tailored to the individual requirements of busy professionals, the time-to-market of new courses was too long, and the data collected from learners was limited.  Its standardised approach to delivering digital learning was overlooking the needs of individual learners and failing to adequately prepare people for their exams.



The provider partnered with a disruptive AI learning platform to revolutionise the way it builds and delivers its courses. The AI technology dramatically improved speed-to-competency by creating hyper-personalised journeys for each individual learner.  It was able to understand, in real-time, the existing knowledge, confidence and self-awareness of learners and take them on a guided path to exam readiness. Engagement, completion and pass rates went up and the organisation gained a competitive advantage. Valuable learner analytics helped to identify previously unseen cross and up-sell opportunities.


Our approach is focussed, hands on and delivers material business outcomes

Unlocking Competitive Advantage