Private talent clouds solving tech talent shortages for a global telco


A global telco’s tech developer need far exceeded their team capacity, and like most companies, they were struggling to attract and retain top tech talent. With numerous, critical, one-off projects in the pipeline, it needed a high-end developer team that could quickly, and cost effectively, scale up and down to meet demand.


It enlisted the help of a tech scale-up disrupting the traditional professional services model with its private talent cloud service. Drawing from their community of +1500 highly vetted and skilled freelancers, they created a talent pool the Telco could tap into securely, on demand. This eliminated the pain of hiring and retaining staff and lowered overhead costs. Tech talent remained engaged though the project opt-in model, with many returning for multiple projects, ensuring the talent pool retained company knowledge.


Our approach is focussed, hands on and delivers material business outcomes

Unlocking Competitive Advantage